Our Skiers

We would like to introduce you to some of the people who ski with us at Ski 4 All Wales.


My name is Wynn Davies and I started skiing 3 years ago at the age of 56 after having a motor bike accident over 10 years ago.
I go to Pembrey dry ski slope every week and really love the speed and sensation of skiing.
I also really enjoy the companionship and banter with my instructors who realise and appreciate my need for speed!!
I had the opportunity to go on holiday to Verbier this year. It took 3 days to drive from Pembrokeshire to Switzerland but it was a wonderful journey and a fantastic holiday. I went skiing everyday….nothing can beat the real thing!!


Hi my name is Jenny, I am 26 years old and when I was 17 I was involved in a road traffic accident which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. This changed my life forever.
I have been in active rehabilitation since, and for the last 2 years have been skiing at Pembrey and am a founder member of Ski4All Wales.¬† I have also ski’d in Verbier twice and I loved every minute of it.

Being part of Ski4All Wales has helped improve my physical ability, balance, coordination and my self-belief.


My name is Christopher Varney. I would like to thank my courageous Ski Instructor Dave for taking me skiing. It allows me to smile and experience movement and great speed which I loved before I was ill and still do.

Please give to this dedicated thoughtful cause. It allows me some vision of what independence is like.

Diolch or calon